Company Introduction

Martin Grounds and Jack Kent first met at the University of Western Australia in 1967. After graduating, they collaborated on several projects before Grounds Kent Architects was created. Directors Jack and Martin share a vision to create a small, hands-on, design oriented practice that allows them to be dedicated, responsive and connected to their clients throughout the design process.

With over 80 years combined directorial experience, Grounds Kent Architects (GKA) has established a world-wide reputation for excellence in the planning and design of large scale hotels, resorts, wineries, spas, golf club houses, cultural centres and mixed-use developments.

GKA has received many awards and accolades over the years, including two time winners of the coveted Conde Naste Traveler award for “The Best Hotel in the World”. As a result GKA are widely recognised for their highly individual approach to design, and expertise in creating timeless landmark architecture.

“Our architecture attempts to provide romance, something that uplifts and enriches the spirit. We are more inclined towards romanticism than pragmatism, but it is critical to us that our buildings work.”

Years of extensive travel and overseeing projects in locations such as Australia, Indonesia, Barbados, India, Maldives, Fiji, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, China and Morocco, have given Jack and Martin a valuable perspective on different cultures.

“Ultimately GKA believe that wherever possible architecture should involve and reflect local conditions, materials and traditions... Each project should reflect the sense of place unique to its location.”

In 2007, GKA appointed four new partners; Jeff Treverton and Scott Bradley.. Together they lead a highly motivated and talented staff of twenty people based in Fremantle, Western Australia.

The role of architecture in a holiday environment is simple; it’s about lifting and invigorating the spirit, to relax and refresh both mind and body, which are often dominated by the pressures of modern life.

Design Philosophy

GKA’s approach to design is about providing for these needs by creating environments that connect interior and exterior space. Many of our clients are referrals, or repeat clients. We believe this is because GKA acknowledges that great architecture is achieved firstly by understanding our clients’ goals and aspirations.

“We don’t simply create spaces, we aim to create memorable experiences.”

GKA have a reputation for collaborating effectively with the consultant team, during the design phase to produce highly functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing buildings.

Site-sensitive design has been a hallmark of GKA’s practice, we strive to honour each project with a unique design inspired by the regional vernacular, local materials and sense of place. GKA promotes a sustainable approach to our practice and our projects.